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Maria E. Martin, Executive Producer
Producers and reporters in Santa María Tzejá, Guatemala

Executive Producer
Maria Emilia Martin is a pioneering public radio journalist with over two dozen awards for her work covering U.S. Latino issues and Latin America. She started her career at the first public radio station owned and operated by Latinos in the U.S. She has developed groundbreaking programs and series for public radio, including NPR’S LATINO USA, and DESPUES DE LAS GUERRAS: CENTRAL AMERICA AFTER THE WARS.

A recipient of Fulbright and Knight fellowships, she has extensive experience in journalism and radio training in Latin America, especially in Guatemala and Bolivia. Her courageous and caring work as a reporter, producer, trainer, and teacher gives voice, enlightens listeners, promotes democracy, and builds bridges of cultural understanding. Martin holds a masters degree in journalism from the Ohio State University. She is currently the president of the GraciasVida Center for Media and GraciasVida Productions, based in Austin, Texas and Antigua, Guatemala.

Technical Director
Walter Morgan is an award-winning radio producer whose cultural pieces in particular are widely acclaimed. He has assisted in the production of many nationally broadcast public radio programs and is responsible for giving Latino USA its award-winning signature sound.

Senior Producers

John Burnett
Senior correspondent for NPR, Burnett most recently won the 2003 RTNDA Edward R. Murrow Award for Investigative Journalism for his report about the U.S. bombing of an Iraqi village.

Mandalit del Barco
NPR's Los Angeles reporter, Del Barco previously reported for Latino USA and WNYC. She has covered LA's Central American communities for several years, and is a Fulbright scholar and published writer.

Franc Contreras
Reporter for The World, Contreras is based in Mexico. He has also worked with Latino USA and NPR.

Sam Eaton
Former New York correspondent for Marketplace Productions, Eaton is now based in El Salvador, and also serves as the project's associate producer.

Richard Gonzales
NPR's SF Bay Area correspondent, Gonzales was the State Dept. correspondent for NPR during the 1980's and has years of experience covering Latin America and U.S.-Latin American policy, as well as numerous awards to his name.

Maria Hinojosa
CNN's award-winning, New York-based urban affairs correspondent and LATINO USA's founding host, Hinojosa was a New York-based correspondent for NPR, prior to joining CNN. She is the author of two books and has traveled and reported widely from Latin America.

Angelica Luevano
Former Senior Producer of LATINO USA, Luevano is an award-winning cultural and public affairs producer with nearly two decades of experience. She is an accomplished Spanish-language reporter, and the veteran of several bilingual and Spanish-language national projects. Luevano will serve as editor for the Spanish-language reports.

Julia McEvoy
Executive producer of Special Series for Chicago Public Radio, and winner of a 2002 Peabody Award for Chicago Matters: Stories of Home, McEvoy is an associate producer of the series.


Alex Avila
Senior producer for LATINO USA, Avila was an editor for HISPANIC magazine, a filmmaker, and a print journalist before joining LATINO USA.

Maria Flores
Ph.D. candidate at the University of Texas at Austin Flores has worked as a research assistant at Latino USA.

Michelle Garcia
Reporter in Washington Post's New York Bureau, Garcia formerly worked with Latino USA, Oxygen Media and Radio Pacifica's Washington Bureau.

Ruxandra Guidi
Associate Producer for Latino USA, Guidi worked on productions with the Kitchen Sisters.

Estella Hernandez
Our youth reporter from Santa María Tzejá in Guatemala, Hernandez is a young indigenous woman studying to be a teacher.

Citlali Saenz
Radio Bilingue reporter based in Mexico City.

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