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John McEvoy's Riders Down

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Why have some of America's best and most respected jockeys begun to intentionally lose big races while riding overwhelming favorites?

Was the death of ninety-two year old Bernard Glockner, Chicago's oldest active bookmaker, suicide or murder?

Those are the questions facing Matt O'Connor, a Chicago-based columnist for a national horse racing newspaper. First, O'Connor is asked by a horse-owning acquaintance, Moe Kellman, to help probe the mysterious death of Kellman's late uncle, the aged bookie. Soon, Matt is deep into an investigation or what he believes are races whose outcomes have been manipulated for the benefit of a few. Helping Matt in this puzzling venture are horse trainer Maggie Collins and Dave Zimmer, a professional gambler known as The Fount for his reputation as an encyclopedic source of information. Matt's search for answers takes him to Las Vegas and, eventually, Madison, Wisconsin, where he succeeds in identifying the brilliant sociopath behind these crimes, a man whose lust for respect--and money-- has led him to commit unsolved murders in five states while carrying out his horribly effective race-fixing scheme.

Spiced with the kind of lively language that marked Blind Switch the author's debut novel (2004), Riders Down offers striking insights into the world of horse racing, and into the mind of the awesomely efficient villain who attempts to corrupt it.

Riders Down is available from Poisoned Pen Press, Amazon, and other major bookstores.



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