The GraciasVida Center is pleased to announce a series of radio production training workshops in a number of communities in Guatemala.

El Centro GraciasVida se complace en anunciar una serie de talleres en radio produccion y radioperiodismo para las areas de Solola, Sacatepequez, Xela, y Huehetenango. Para mas informacion, vean la convocatoria adjunta o llamen al 7832-7066.

What Is GraciasVida?

GraciasVida is a media advocacy and production and training non-profit with a mission to:

Recent Projects from GraciasVida

After the Wars/ Despues de las Guerras
After the Wars An award-winning 12-part radio documentary series produced in English and in Spanish by U.S. radio reporters and their Central American colleagues–achieving a unique international collaboration. Awarded best radio production in Latin America award by the International Federation of Journalists (FIP).

Latino USA
Latino USA The radio journal of news and culture distributed by NPR: Maria Martin was the founding producer of this award-winning pioneer program covering U.S. Latinos and Latin America for English-language audiences.

Noticias de Mi Gente
Noticias de Mi Gente and Knight International Journalism Fellowships Under a Knight International Journalism Fellowship, GraciasVida is helping build this pioneering effort using digital technologies to inform and link together Guatemalan transnational communities. It also provides rural and indigenous Guatemalan journalists with a forum for their work and a vehicle to share their stories.

What Do They Say About GraciasVida?

"...A unique perspective on all things Latin, both here at home and in Latin America..."

- Nancy Rios, listener

"...because of her honesty, integrity, empathy, and tech savviness, Maria and GraciasVida bring into focus the plight of many of the forgotten voices of our sisters and brothers in a very human way."

- Ana Kothe, listener

"...authentic stories that engage, provoke, enlighten and create opportunities for different endings..."

- Walter Morgan, engineer

"...offers thoughtful reporting which respects its subjects and enlightens the listener. GraciasVida offers journalism and radio experience; cultural sensitivity; intimate and profound knowledge of Mexico, Mexican-American, Latino, Latina-American and border culture; inovative information; a unifying voice willing to relocate to dangerous places to get the true story on rebels, heroes, and victims; and true caring for the problems of its subject. Gracias Vida offers invaluable resources for teaching cultural heritage, awareness, and pride in deeply complicated issues, people, and their history; it gives Latinos living in the U.S. a broader picture of their culture and their worth."

- Kathy Gronau, marketer, Los Angeles, California

"...highly produced programming which explores stories not covered in the mainstream media–stories which allow the general public to understand Latinos and Latin America.

"GraciasVida offers holistic, intelligent and diverse programming that engages the imagination and inspires progressive action–programming which contributes to the bettement of the Latino community and enriches all of us.

"In this day of corporate lowest-common-denominator programming, GraciasVida's productions stand out as brain and soul food!!!!"

- Leslie Fields, listener, Washington, D.C.

"GraciasVida offers fabulous insights. It is top quality reporting with a human connection which leaves audiences with a sense of true understanding and knowledge of the people and countries they're hearing about."

- Susan Lee, listener, Austin, Texas